custom notch design for live performance augmentation

OPTIC LLC provides a unique one-on-one service from the very inception of a project by providing creative guidance, technical consultation, and the necessary support to see you successfully from concept to live implementation.

benefits of using notch

absolute realtime control

No other platform allows for precise integration of realtime generative graphics and effects with as much robust realtime control. Nearly every parameter, variable, and handle is accessible and controllable via ArtNet/DMX, MIDI, and other control work flows.


Notch is VR, Motion capture, Kinect, and Blacktrax ready. The development team at Notch is always finding ways to integrate new and exciting interactive technologies into Notch.

Unhindered creativity

The only limit to creative possibilities are one's imagination and GPU power.


OPTIC Notch IMAG Reel 2019 from OPTIC | CARNYX on Vimeo.

Optic Mini Reel Winter 2018 from OPTIC | CARNYX on Vimeo.

OPTIC IMAG FX -- Out of Thin Air - Dva Damas from OPTIC | CARNYX on Vimeo.

Notch Demos from OPTIC | CARNYX on Vimeo.


some recent projects